Oilers Lose Hossa Sweepstakes and Dodge a Bullet

After throwing a reported deal of 9 years and 92 million dollars (at least that is what I take from the Rich Winter quote “I have never been involved in a deal and seen a player get so excited to take $85 million less than he was offered elsewhere.”) at Marian Hossa only to have him sign a 1-year 7.45 million dollar contract with Detroit it seems as though the Oilers have lost again. However, in some fashion I believe that they have won in a few areas.

First, they have proven through the league that they are trying to get better and obtain a high profile player. This act will hopefully show other teams and players that they have the drive and the vision needed to be successful and possible will not have to overpay to get free agents in the future.

Second, they have banished the thought that they are only a small market Canadian team that can not go after big names. Which will only help the credibility of the other Canadian teams and show the strength of the Canadian dollar in the new NHL.

Third, they do not have a player taking up 16% of their cap room for next year and will have to money available to start negotiations with the likes of Horcoff and have money to resign players like Gagner, Cogliano and Smid when the time comes.

Forth, they still have to fill out a little part of their line up and will avoid having to trade players for draft picks to get under the salary cap for next year.

Many questions are still floating around Edmonton as to “do you attempt to get Hossa next year on July 1st when he becomes a free agent again?” My simple answer to that is no. If he did not want to take the chance and come to Edmonton believing they are not an elite team, then we do not need a player like that wearing the Oilers silks.