Stomp Heard Around the Hockey World

I was listening to the TEAM 1260 on the way home today and Bob Stauffer stated that he believed that Chris Simon should be kicked out of the league for what he did. Now I agree he should and will be punished, but being kicked out of the league is a bit excessive. With his track record I think that Chris has likely played his last game this year. Which I believe would be a fair enough penalty for the most suspended player in NHL history.


Josh said...

Chris Simon leaves Islanders

Simon deserves to go. Its not nessicarily the amount of suspensions, its the malicious actions that cause them. Every year this guy loses the handle, and he is dangerous to every player on the ice. If he continues to play he is going to end someone's career, so banning him from the NHL is as proactive as it is reactive to his situation.

Rory said...

The hearing is tomorrow and I hope he will get the rest of the season, but Campbell will likely make it 30-35 games, enough considering no one has received that many games officially and he is a repeat offender. Now that he has left the Islanders organization chances are he will not play in the NHL again. He is not useful in any way like he used to be in his days as an Avalanche or Capital. I sure as hell won't miss him, who the hell stomps on a guys foot? Even if it is Jarko Ruutu.