Everyone in the front seat, no one in the back

So today in the Journal Jim Matheson reported that the oilers will likely sign Mikhnov to a 1 year contract. This makes things interesting in the top 6. On the left side you have him, Torres (thought a solid 3rd line may be in order), and highly possibly Sykora, then Horcoff and Stoll down the middle, and Hemsky, Lupul, Pisani (3rd with torres?) on the right side.

So what am I getting at? That is the EXACT SAME LINE UP that was last in goals for in 06-07. I know everyone crys about lack of a great puck moving defenceman but how much does that really account for?

There is going to be a least one big trade this summer from Lowe's perspective and it will involve one of the previously mentioned players (aside Mikhnov, Hemsky, Stoll), along with one of our forward prospects (who all need top 6 ice to flourish, which cramps up the top even more).

Torres was offered to Columbus for Zherdev (which was countered by Columbus asking for Lupul instead, and then declined) so I'm giving him the best odds to be out the door. Its too bad because i think he can be a decent 25-20 guy who throws half a dozen huge hits over the season.

Look for Torres, a F prospect, and the NYI 1st to someone deep with defenceman. Maybe Cam Barker + ?


Jon G said...

I think that Chicago would be crazy enough to part with Barker, but if they were, I would jump on that in a heart beat

Rory said...

I hate Mikhnov, why sign him he's terrible, he has had a few highlight reel goals in his career, he's a crappier Dvorak in my books. I cannot see Zherdev or Barker leaving their respective teams, Zherdev would be great, but Chicago would be crazy to dump their best defensive prospect, as long as he stays healthy he should be a top NHL D-man in a few years. What are the chances we will land a big name defenseman in the off season, has to be someone with a wife that has no social life though otherwise they are gone in a year since Edmonton is so bad for it according to Pronger's bitch.

Josh said...

Barker is a great dman, but Chicago is stacked with young ones. Duncan Keith is better and does the exact same things, and they have Seabrook as well. Thats 3 guys under 23 who have high upside. Chicago needs to score goals, all they have is havlat. Giving up one of their 3 players to deepen their F group and add offensive punch is what they need to do.

As for Zherdev, Matheson reported that trade offer, so its pretty legit. Columbus wanted Lupul and the Oilers said no. Zherdev's a great talent with no heart and locker room problems.

Jon G said...

that would be why he showed up 3 hours late for the Russian team meeting and got punted from their IIHF team in the tourney