Stoll Lookin' Good

"When you're out for two months, it crosses your mind that this might be career-ending. But it's something that you can't let it get you down mentally. You have to get it in your head that you're going to get better, you're going to feel better and that you just need time"

So apparently Jarret Stoll will fully recover from his concussion and be good to go for TC in the fall. This was a huge loss to the Oilers in a couple areas. First of all his leadership on the ice was huge for us, he hit, scored goals, and consistently played well more than anyone else. He also brought things to the game that no other player did such as a heavy right handed shot on the PP and an ability to make Raffi Torres a player. Not to mention on a purely asset basis to lose an NHL calibre centerman would be hard on this team. But replacing him in the lineup would not have been that troublesome. That is a spot I see Marc Pouliot playing in the very near future, leaving questions about what to do with Stoll.

We all know I would drive Horcoff to the airport and push him under the plane, but I don't think Stoll is ready to carry the team offensively against the other teams toughest opposition. We have to admit Stoll has been successful as the second line center playing soft'er' minutes.

But I guess we will see what kind of player the new Jarret Stoll is.


Rory said...

It will be hard to see what this concussion will do to him, he may bounce back or be Eric Lindros, meaning we will trade him to Dallas; him, Stefan and Lindros would be the most retarded line ever, literally. I think nailing Rachel Hunter probably doesn't help the concussion much, good sacrifice though. Even if Pouliot develops into that type of player I think Stoll should hang around, easily be the next captain.

Josh said...

Agreed an all accounts, but i think what hurt Lindros more than Stoll is his inability to lift his head up in the neutral zone.

Anonymous said...

having Stoll back this coming season will really help boost our scoring, after, of course, we change the line up with trades/UFA signings! (i hope!!)

Rory said...

Yeah and being in the Eastern conference with Scott Stevens, Edmonton only had to deal with him every few years, now we havce Phaneuf, you just know Pouliot dreads those games, after the prospects game he never lowers his head.

Jon G said...

I really hope that he is fine to get going and we dont end up with the next Paul Comrie or Brett Lindros