One Idiots Predictions

The Western Conference

1. San Jose Sharks – Basically the same team as last year without a goaltending controversy makes this a great team that will go a long way this year.

2. Colorado Avalanche – Will be challenged all year for the top spot in the North West, but have more firepower than the Flames. However, what happens if Budaj has an off year? Theodore anyone?

3. Detroit Redwings – No real losses in this group. Schneider replaced by Rafalski and they play is possibly the weakest division so they should put up some good numbers in those 32 games

4. Anaheim Ducks – Lost too much in Niedermayer, Selanne and Penner that their offense is a real question mark. This makes them not as good as the Sharks in the Pacific

5. Calgary Flames – Kipper going into a contract year spells nothing but good things for this team. Iggy sparks enough offense to make them better than the other teams in their division

6. Dallas Stars – Turco and Smith win enough games against Los Angles and Phoenix while stealing some from the other forces in this division

7. Chicago Blackhawks – This years Nashville Predators, get in due to playing St. Louis, Nashville, and Columbus a combined 24 times

8. Vancouver Canucks – The sisters and Luongo pull this team through into the playoffs by playing the Oilers and the Wild enough times

9. Minnesota Wild – Strong goaltenders, but a lot rides on the groins of Gaborik, if he is healthy for an entire year they will likely beat out Vancouver for the 8th spot.

10. St. Louis Blues – improved over last year, but, having Manny Legace as a starter puts them in a lower position than the Blackhawks with Khabibulin

11. Edmonton Oilers – Vastly improved defense but still too many hopes riding on young shoulders. Still without a bonafide top line center, this is likely Horcoff’s last year in Edmonton

12. Los Angles Kings – Lots resting on some young players with an unproven goaltender, just can not compete with the Sharks, Stars, and Ducks to gain enough points.

13. Nashville Predators – Who is left on this team other than Chris Mason? Look for them to be a target of many other teams

14. Columbus Blue Jackets – Only reason they will finish ahead of the Coyotes is Nash being feed by Voracek or Brule

15. Phoenix Coyotes – No real offense, one decent defense man and a load of unproven goaltenders have Gretzky and the Coyotes vying for the #1 overall pick in June

The Eastern Conference

1. Ottawa Senators – Heatley, Spezza, Alfredsson dominate the league again. Gerber has a rebound year; Emery has a strong campaign as well. Last year for Redden in Ottawa

2. New York Rangers – New additions Drury and Gomez added to a crew that has Jagr, Shanahan, and Straka have a strong year. Only question is if Lundqvist goes down with injury.

3. Carolina Hurricanes – Better than the Lightening in goal so they will win the South East sweepstakes of crappy teams

4. Pittsburgh Penguins – Crosby and crew are good, but not as good as the Sens

5. Buffalo Sabres – Despite the losses this off season this team still has enough fire power and goaltending to pull them into the playoffs

6. Philadelphia Flyers – Headed in the right direction under a new GM but not there yet in the ultra competitive North East division

7. Tampa Bay Lightening – Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis will put up enough points against division rivals to gain entry into the playoffs

8. New Jersey Devils – Parise, Elias, Gionta barely produce enough for Brodeur to win enough games to get in.

9. Atlanta Thrashers – Even Hossa entering a contract year is not enough to right the ship that gave up so much for the run to the playoffs last year. Cough Tkachuk Cough

10. Washington Capitals – Better Crew around Ovechkin this year, but too much rides on their goalie to get them into the playoffs

11. Toronto Maple Leafs – No real improvement, this team is one injury away from being one of the worst teams in the league. Here’s to 41 cupless years in TO

12. Montreal Candiens – Inexperience, weak defense and a green goal have this team getting crushed by the Senators and Buffalo and not winning enough against the other teams in the Eastern Conference

13. New York Islanders – One DiPietro concussion away from being the worst team in the Eastern Conference with a goalie signed to a 14 year contract

14. Florida Panthers – Still too inexperienced with no goaltending

15. Boston Bruins – Hockey has hit a low point in Boston, not even a new goalie will help them

1 comment:

Josh said...

Pretty much agree across the board except for a couple. Have to say that minny is due big this year if Marion "IL" Gaborik stays healthy. Goaltending is a question mark as well but they are a well rounded team.

A little surprised at Nashville's free fall from what? Trading vokoun and losing Kariya? If mason plays even average I just can't see them falling that far.

Kings are predicted rise but I agree with 12th, they have no goalie.

I haven't put much thought into the East yet.