Top 20 Right Wingers

While reading The Hockey News Oct 2, 2007 edition I came across an article by Mike Brophy ranking the top 20 players at each position in the NHL. Out of the supposed top 100 players the Oilers hold only one position. Sheldon Souray is rated as the 18th best defenseman in the NHL. Maybe being an Oiler fan made one thing jump out at me. This would be the absence of Ales Hemsky from the top 20 right wingers. Here is the list the Mike Brophy has come up with including the complied point totals and point per game average for the past 2 years:

1. Jarome Iginla 152 GP 74G – 87A PPG = 1.05

2. Dany Heatley 164 GP 100G – 108A PPG = 1.27

3. Jaromir Jagr 164 GP 84G – 135A PPG = 1.34

4. Martin St. Louis 162 GP 74G – 89A PPG = 1.01

5. Marian Gaborik 103 GP 68G – 55A PPG = 1.19

6. Marian Hossa 162 GP 82G – 110A PPG = 1.12

7. Daniel Alfredsson 154 GP 72G – 118A PPG = 1.23

8. Jonathan Cheechoo 158 GP 94G – 69A PPG = 1.03

9. Martin Havlat 74 GP 34G – 39A PPG = 0.99

10. Rick Nash Listed as a Left Winger on NHLPA

11. Brendan Shanahan Listed as a Left Winger on NHLPA

12. Tomas Holmstrom 158 GP 59G – 52A PPG = 0.70

13. Andrew Brunette Listed as a Left Winger on NHLPA

14. Milan Hejduk 154 GP 59G – 69A PPG = 0.83

15. Justin Williams 164 GP 64G – 79A PPG = 0.87

16. Brian Gionta 144 GP 73G – 61A PPG = 0.93

17. Chris Clark 152 GP 50G – 43A PPG = 0.61

18. Jere Lehtinen 153 GP 59G – 36A PPG = 0.62

19. Nathan Horton 153 GP 59G – 50A PPG = 0.71

20. Shane Doan 155 GP 57G – 64A PPG = 0.78

Now let’s see how Ales stacks up compared to these guys

Ales Hemsky 145 GP 32G – 98A PPG = 0.90

Here are my reasons why Hemsky should be on this list:

1. There are three players on the top 20 right wingers that actually play on the left side. Was that a brain cramp or did Brophy just not research what he was putting down?

2. If you go by points per game average then Hemsky has a better rating than 7 other players on this list

3. I can see where Brophy is going by putting Lehtinen on this list as he is probably the best defensive forward in the NHL and has been for a while. But, when it comes down to it would you rather have Lehtinen or Hemsky?

4. Why is Chris Clark even on this list? If he didn’t play with Alex O he would have much worse stats. Imagine if you had Hemsky skating with Ovechkin.

Maybe I am wrong maybe Hemsky does not deserve to be in the top 20. However, if he doesn’t then probably 10 players on this list don’t really deserve to be there too. Maybe Brophy and The Hockey News have it wrong. I mean in this same issue they did pick Rob Schremp to be the 6th most likely rookie to win the Calder Trophy this year.


Josh said...

Don't have a lot of time, but nice find. I've lost a lot of respest for THN lately, its getting beat by magazine's like Sports Illustrated on hockey which is sad.

Hemksy doesnt really belong anywhere in that top 15 for sure. A couple guys that jump out are Chris Clark and Justin Williams, who haven't really done anything. Lets be honest though, Hemsky has had 3 average to below average seasons and 1 good one but nothing amazing.

In saying that, I'd rather have Hemsky then a lot of those people, cause he is on his way up, and from the way it looks he'll be in the top 10 in a few years time.

Vic Ferrari said...

The Hockey news is just terrible now, it really was a respected magazine when I was a kid. I have to wonder if it wasn't bad then too. I mean we just didn't have the internet to check into things, and to show that they were talking crap. Did these guys get dumber? Or we they just fooling us before?

I think Hemsky belongs on this list for sure. He's cut down on the turnovers at the offensive blue line, and has always been pretty good in his own end I think. He doesn't get enough credit from Oiler fans for the type of opposition he can face as well, forwards and defence. Right now, if MacTavish is looking down the bench for someone to go out on the ice in the last minute of the game ... he's probably the first choice amongst the wingers. He wouldn't have been in the top six for that gig two years ago. Aand fun to watch as well. Marvelous player just entering his prime.