On the Move

With the trade deadline fast approaching on Tuesday we all have to wonder what Oilers will be on the move and which will be staying put. Now we all have to realize that Lowe should/will not make a move for a rental player (ie Hossa) as this season is basically a write off and all we can hope is that our pick can not turn into the #1. That means that the deal Lowe make should be a “hockey move” as this would make our team better for next season. Here is a list of Oilers that could be moved at the deadline:

Marty Reasoner – not a star by any means, however, he is a player that a cup contender can pick up for reasonably cheap (3rd or 4th round pick / lesser prospect) and his salary is of no consequence (.950 million) and is a UFA at the end of the year.

Fernando Pisani – here is a guy that I would like to see moved as his salary is a killer (2.5 million for a 3rd line winger). The Oilers could hopefully sell teams on his 06 playoff performance. Again he would likely come cheap (3rd or 4th rounder) but, teams might be scared off by the amount that he would take up against the cap in the next 2 years.

Jarret Stoll – could easily be thrown in as part of a package for an upgrade as even though this season was rather mediocre this former captain candidate has huge potential. Plus then the Oiler would not have to deal with his pending RFA status and the 3 million plus that he might command.

Steve Staios – Steady Steve again could be shuffled to a team that needs help on the blue line due to injuries (Detroit with Lidstrom, Kronwall, and Rafalski are all hurt or Dallas with Zubov having surgery) or a team that is looking to sure up for a cup run (San Jose). The Oilers would lose his leadership on the back end. But, again he could be part of an upgrade trade or a bit of a salary dump. Teams might be scared off however by his cap hit (2.63 million over the next 3 years).

Dwayne Roloson – Rollie’s days in Edmonton seem numbered after moving his children and wife to Ontario and having openly stated "Hey, I want to play - if not here, somewhere else." Reading around I have seen that Tampa Bay and Washington are the front runners. Washington would be looking for a backup goalie for a run this year and with Kolzig’s contract up at the end of the year Rollie would replace him for a cheaper salary. Whereas Tampa Bay has been looking for a goalie to replace Khabibulin since he left in the summer of 2005. The Oilers may have a tough time unloading Rollie as his contract seems to be a stumbling point. However, you might be able to sell a team on the fact that if he can regain the playoff form of 2006 3.3 million a year for a starting goalie may not be all that bad. However, on his own I see him being traded for another salary dump or maybe a 2nd round pick.

Joni Pitkanen – I personally hope that he stays an Oiler at the deadline. I know that he is a RFA at the end of the year and as such can be signed to an offer sheet. However, for teams to offer enough so that the Oilers can not re-sign Joni (5 million plus) they have to: 1. Have there own 3 draft picks. 2. Have the cap space to be able to do it. These two things will take 90% of the teams out of the running and if they are the 10% that qualify then maybe the Oilers should take the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounder and hope that we are in the position that Anaheim is in this year with our pick. However, again if the move makes hockey sense, such as bringing in a bonafide top liner scorer (Marleau or Jokinen) I think that the Oilers have to make the trade.

Honourable Mention would go to Robbie Schremp as he might go in a part of a package deal but probably not by himself. As well, if Raffi Torres was not currently out for the season I would not mind him being moved for something useful. But, his injury will keep him here for another year.

So I guess that we will have to wait and see what KLowe can come up with this year.


Josh said...

I see Roloson as Lowe's #1 priority. We need to get his contract off of our books next year because that money will be huge in helping pay for RFA's (Gilbert, Pitkanen, Stoll). I'm not really concerned in the return because the benefit of the salary dump is enough for me.

Santa Merda said...

Roli didn't actually say that, it was a hypothetical quote.

You should have read it closer.

Jon G said...

That would be my bad, I read it off the dirt sheet, not knowing the original source was something that McKenzie stated himself