Winners and Losers of NHL's D-Day

A day after everyone has had time to let the trade deadline sink in I figured I would do a version of the winners and losers of D-Day.


Washington Capitals

Upgraded their backup goaltender albeit probably only until the end of the year. Then went out and picked up a vet that has been to the dance before (Federov) and got feistier (Cooke). Only minus is that everyone they picked up are UFAs at the end of the year.

Colorado Avalanche

With the signing of Forsberg and the pick up of Foote and Salei the Avalanche have loaded up for a run at the playoffs. Adding veteran players and losing very little in return.

Atlanta Thrashers

After getting fleeced in the Tkachuk deal last year, they are able to be the fleecers this year and take some good younger prospects off of the Penguins. For Hossa who will probably not play longer than 20 games in Pittsburg


Montreal Canadiens

There must have been more that Bob Gainey was working on, it seems to make little sense to trade away your only experienced goaltender a month and a half away from the playoffs. They are putting a lot of responsibility on such a younger netminder. Not to mention that they struck out landing any big name help.

Vancouver Canucks

Rumored to be after basically any big name with a heart beat come up basically empty trading away a gritty forward for Matt Pettinger. However, as an Oiler fan I am happy to see Cooke go.

On the Fence:

Pittsburg Penguins

They do have a surplus of young talent, but was giving up 4 first rounders the right thing to do for a guy that could easily be gone as of July 1. As well, if they do resign Hossa, what money would be left over for Malkin?

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Rory said...

I would place the Pens in the loser category, maybe not because of Esposito cause he is falling a little bit every year since he was ranked #1 by CSS in a preliminary rank a few years ago. But losing Cristensen and Armstrong could hurt, they are both energy players and Cristensen could produce decent numbers in a few years, and Armstrong is a gritty player and a good leader. Guys like that are great support for Crosby and Malkin. I would be surprised to see Hossa with the Pens next year, plus he is a horrible playoff performer.