Albertaless Playoffs

It is my humble Opinion that we in Alberta are going to have an Albertaless May and June. Here is why:

Current Standings:

8 CALGARY 72 37 25 10 84 231 200 28-7-2 9-18-8 5-4-1

9 COLORADO 71 36 29 6 78 234 221 19-14-3 17-15-3 7-1-2

Calgary 10 games left (6 away, 4 home)

Away: keep in mind that their away record is 9-18-8 or 9-26 (so on average they will win 1.5 or 2 of their final road games) so it goes

Chicago win
Wild lose
Wild lose
Canucks win
Sharks lose
Avalanche lose

Home: Very good at home 28-7-2 or 28-9 (so on average they will take 3 of their home games) but look who they play

Detroit lose
Nashville win
Avalanche win
Oilers win

With this they would end up 42-30-10 or 42-40 (win % 512) for 92 points

Colorado 11 games left (5 home, 6 away)

Away: above 500 before taking shootout into effect 17-15-3 or 17-18 (so on average they will win 3 of their away games (I am giving them one more because they play the Oilers twice in Edmonton)

Oilers win
Oilers win
Canucks lose
Coyotes win
Flames lose
Canucks win

Home: Again above 500 with a 19-14-3 or 19-17 record (so on average they will win 3 of the 5 games)

Sharks lose
Canucks win
Wild win
Predators lose
Flames win

They end with 43-33-6 or 43-39 (win % 524) for 92 points

Based on first tie breaker wins Colorado moves on to the playoffs. Also without all the stats you have to look at it as Colorado (7-2-1 last 10)is on fire right now and the Flames (5-4-1 last 10) are struggling to keep their heads above water. I think come April 8th we will share some Kleenex (or facial tissue if you dont like the Kleenex brand) with our neighbors to the south.


Josh said...

Ya, looking at how far up they are with not many games left to play it seems ridiculous to think Colorado catches Calgary, but looking at the numbers its a real possibility. I'd say if things shake out like you say it comes down to the final game. Too bad they don't play each other.

Jon Ganton said...

Well actually they do on April the 8th

Joe Reynolds said...

It's going to be interesting to see how well Calgary playes away from home down the stretch. I hope that Calgary doesn't make the playoffs to salvage some pride from the season by being able to rub it into all the calgary fans in my office like they are currently doing to me. "Knock on Wood"

Josh Coates said...

Living in Calgary i'm sure your knocking a lot of wood.....on a side note ya i hope Calgary doesnt make the playoffs.

Jon Ganton said...

So Colorado 4 points back with 10 to play I am gonna say this could easily happen

Josh Coates said...

Ya its is a very real possiblity. I still hope it comes down to the last game and Colorado just crushes the Flames and every fan that has ever cheered for them. Its the Oiler way.

Rory said...

Hate to say it but I think the flames will get the 8th spot, I think they will hold it together long enough, Kipper will have some clutch performances.