just quit

On Wednesday night 19 seconds into the game, on a team that is missing the playoffs and probably going to finish last in the league, Todd Fedoruk thinks that it is a good idea to drop the gloves and fight Colton Orr. Now granted one of these teams has something to play for but the Flyers and Fedoruk really have nothing.

I am not saying that he shouldn’t have fought, but he didn't need too. After what happened earlier in the year (first video) maybe Fedoruk should realize that dropping the mitts is not in his best interest.

Now, what leads to this KO and the one at the hands of the bogeyman? First and foremost one Fedoruk should really learn how to protect himself. In every fight this guy has had he leaves his face wide open (probably the reason he has steel plates in both checks). Also, he is always off balance which leaves him wide open for the haymaker. All in all, I think that maybe Fedoruk should realize to leave the fighting up to people who are good at it.

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Rory said...

Yeah he really did not learn his lesson, probably thought Colton was not as good a fighter as the giant retard, boy was he wrong.