Playoff Payoff

So the playoffs start today. Sitting here its looking like 3 of the 4 games tonight will go to OT, which can not be a bad thing for this league. No team has been written off (aside maybe the Penguins after getting kicked in their special place tonight), and most of the games were high scoring. Which is good for all the poolies. Some things I noticed about our pool:

  • If Buffalo is out in the first round it will be the lowest scoring pool in the history human kind being able to count numbers.

  • If Buffalo makes it to the eastern finals the guy who picked his entire team of their players wins by default, and probably 40 points

  • Thornton was a concensus pick (mostly) therefore nullifying him, which feels like a tie, or kissing your sister if you follow the analogy all the way down the line

  • There appears to be a 50/50 split between guys picking all players they think will be in the conference finals (me) and just picking great scorers (which i think is a bad idea, but time will tell...time will tell)

So good luck to all the poolies, should be some good races if the scoring keeps up.

Heres to Detroit in 4.


Jon G said...

I am going to say that picking all Sabres will not mean that if they get to the cup final will guarantee victory. Simply because some of those players will not put up the points other will in less games, but it is a bold move. Here's to everyone except for Anahiem losing

Rory said...

It's funny I am in 2 pools, the other I picked 20 players 1 goalie only from 3 teams in each conference, yet here I spread it all out, I will do well in one pool, shitty in the other, with Cheechoo out I am guessing this pool.

Josh thanks for showing some balls in joining the pool, don't worry your reputation will not be comprimised, trust me.

Josh said...

lol...I would have to win to compromise my reputation

Jon G said...

oh self burn

Cody said...

Finally, a topic that involves me. Well somewhat. Anyways I hope Buffalo kicks some ass and that Dan finishes in last...that is all.