Report Cards

CBD’S first annual player report cards are out. We have compiled our knowledge and created a masterpiece of grading (hey, one of us is a teacher, this is what we do). Everyone should have a look of amazement and intrigue, but save the compliments for later (we didn’t give very many out so why should you). After an unbelievable season last year this year has been a tough pill to swallow. God damn we should have taken the blue pill. I know, enough and get on with it.


Shawn Horcoff
GP:80 G:16 A:35 PTS:51 +/-: -22 PIM:56 TOI: 20:49

Played the most minutes per game for an Oilers forward, even while playing with Smyth and Hemsky could not get it going offensively. Was not very good defensively (-22). Horcoff like I said last year would be at best a good third line center and penalty killer for his skill set. Hopefully the Oilers can upgrade this position for next year.

Grade: D

Raffi Torres
GP:82 G: 5 A:19 PTS:34 +/-:-7 PIM:88 TOI:14:19

I expected big things out of Raffi after last years 27 goals. However, he played the Raffi way. A force when he had confidence, invisible when he didn’t. Set a career high in assists at 19. I think what Raffi needs for next year if he is still here is consistent line mates.

Grade: C-

Joffrey Lupul
GP:81 G:16 A:12 PTS:28 +/-:-29 PIM:45 TOI:15:35

One of the fans favorite scapegoats for a team’s bad season. Huge drop in productivity from last years 28 goal, 25 assist season. Joffrey had the worst plus minus on the team at -29. Best thing about his year is that he has owned up to it saying that he has been horrible. Deserves another shot to prove himself before he is sent packing.

Grade: D

Jarret Stoll
GP:51 G:13 A:26 PTS:39 +/-:+2 PIM:48 TOI:18:11

Jarret missed 31 games and still finished 4th in overall scoring on the team. Was also the only regular forward to finish the season with a plus rating. I believe that Jarret was stepping up a class this year before he was derailed by injury problems. Hopefully, with the summers rest he can come back at 100%.

Grade A-

Ethan Moreau
GP:7 G:1 A:0 PTS:1 +/-:-4 PIM:12 TOI:15:08

Ethan got hurt only 7 games into the season and it showed that the Oilers missed his leadership on and off the ice. Too bad that he got hurt on such a meaningless play. The Oilers missed the intensity that he brings to the game each and every day.

Grade: N/A

Marty Reasoner
GP:72 G:6 A:14 PTS:20 +/-:-15 PIM:60 TOI:13:52

Marty produced what you would expect out of a 4th line center. Marty also had a decent year on the penalty kill. Glaring stat would be his -15 rating, however, with almost every player being a minus that has to be taken with a grain of salt. He will likely be our 4th line center again next year.

Grade: C

Toby Petersen
GP:64 G:6 A:9 PTS:15 +/-:-18 PIM:4 TOI:13:40

What is there to say about MacT’s man crush? He seems to be one of those players that are average (at best) at everything and not quite good enough at anything to make him stand out. Not great offensively (15 points). Not good defensively (-18). Should not be on the Oilers roster when training camp opens in September.

Grade: D-

Brad Winchester
GP:59 G:4 A:5 PTS:9 +/-:-10 PIM:86 TOI:8:04

Under MacT he was really never given an opportunity to develop his game. He has the skill set and the body size to be an average power forward. However, the Oilers will never have a chance to use him as he will sign elsewhere this summer.

Grade: C-

Patrick Thoresen
GP:68 G:4 A:12 PTS:16 +/-:-1 PIM:52 TOI:11:25

Thor had a great start to the year with 6 points in 8 games. Really tailed off with only 10 points in the next 60 though. Thor was used to kill penalties and had an excellent +/- rating at -1 comparitively to the rest of the team. I think that his production was killed by playing with new line mates almost every night and not being able to develop any kind of chemistry. Will likely be a decent 3rd or 4th line guy next year.

Grade: C

Fernando Pisani
GP:77 G:14 A:14 PTS:28 +/-:-1 PIM:40 TOI:16:53

Fernando was only 2 goals off his pace from last year’s regular season. Unfortunately Fernando scored the same amount of goals in 77 games as he did in 24 games last spring. His contract is too huge for a 3rd line winger and if the Oilers can move him they should. We would be losing probably our most sound defensive player though as with this team he compiled an outstanding -1 rating through those 77 games.

Grade: C

Petr Sykora
GP:82 G:22 A:31 PTS:53 +/-:-20 PIM:40 TOI:16:39

Wow what has Hemsky done for you lately? Finished the year tied for first in Oilers scoring (Hemsky played 18 fewer games). MacT was put on record saying that Sykora was hurt for the last 30 games of the year and as such didn’t want to play him with Hemsky. A lot of first half bang (15 goals going into the Christmas break) with a second half fizzle. Will need to take a pay cut to play in Edmonton again next year I would think.

Grade B-

Ales Hemsky
GP:64 G:13 A:40 PTS:53 +/-:-7 PIM:40 TOI:16:59

The piece of the Oilers puzzle that they will need to build around to be successful. Hemsky is absolutely amazing to watch while he has the puck (even if turnovers are a problem right now). He also actually started to use his shot more when everyone was going down with injuries which was a good sign. Still needs a triggerman to be more effective.

Grade: B+

Petr Nedved
GP:19 G:1 A:4 PTS:5 +/-:-6 PIM:10 TOI:12:47

The Oilers took a “Flyer” on him half way through the year. Turned out it was not the right fit before the Oilers and Nedved decided mutually to part ways. Thing that stood out the most to me was how horrible of a skater he is.

Grade: N/A

Jean-Francois Jacques
GP:37 G:0 A:0 PTS:0 +/-:-11 PIM:33 TOI:7:54

For what ever reason could not seem to fit right with the Oilers. 26 points in 27 games in the AHL, 0 points in 37 games in the NHL. Just goes to show you the elevation of play between the two leagues. Showed stints of intensity while he was in the lineup and can bang bodies around. Still lots of time for this guy to develop before we need to put his head on a stick and wave it around (ala Brad Winchester).

Grade: D+

Marc Pouliot
GP:46 G:4 A:7 PTS:11 +/-:-2 PIM:18 TOI:13:02

Pouliot, while being listed as an offensive prospect really didn’t show much with only 11 points in 46 games. When MacT is done with him there will not be an offensive bone in his body and we will end up having another 3rd line two way center. Showed flashes of offensive flare at times, but needs to be commended on his -2 overall rating.

Grade: C+

Zack Stortini
GP:29 G:1 A:0 PTS:1 +/-:-7 PIM:105 TOI:7:09

Zack showed good promise in being an excellent agitator down the road. Most ridiculous part of the year was when he was playing first line with Horcoff and Hemsky. Needs to realize that you don’t need to beak someone off after/before every whistle to be effective. Playing a full schedule he would have lead the league in penalty minutes.

Grade: B-


Matt Greene
GP:78 G:1 A:9 PTS:10 +/-:-22 PIM:109 TOI:17:36

Seems to have hit a plateau in his progress. Penalty troubles still haunt him along with a lack of consistency. Played good with soft minutes but was exposed with top 4 ice time. Atrocious +/-.

Grade: C

Laddy Smid
GP:77 G:3 A:7 PTS:10 +/-: -16 PIM:37 TOI:19:14

Had what could be called an above average season for a 20 year old rookie playing top 4 minutes on a bad team. Tied for first in goals by defenceman (??) but second worst +/-. Showed flashes of intelligence and an ability to rush the puck. Played a tougher game than expected.

Grade: B

Jason Smith
GP:82 G:2 A:9 PTS:11 +/-: -13 PIM:103 TOI:21:08

Was forced to play as our number one defenceman even though he is clearly a number 3 and was exposed. Had to baby sit a lot of young players. Clearly on the decline in his career but not as bad as everyone thinks once he settles into his role.

Grade: B-

Steve Staios
GP:58 G:2 A:15 PTS:17 +/-: -5 PIM:97 TOI:21:22

Was given the assignment of tutoring Smid and did an admirable job. Lead the team offensively with Bergeron’s absence. Evaded a lot of the criticism the defence took. Brings the same thing every game which is a compliment this season, but won’t be every year.

Grade: B-

Jan Hejda
GP:39 G:1 A:8 PTS:9 +/-: -6 PIM:20 TOI:20:23

A European vet who came in a brought a quiet consistent game. Looked solid most nights. Had the odd bad game but as an NHL rookie not much to complain about.

Grade: C+

Tom Gilbert
GP:12 G:1 A:5 PTS:6 +/-: -1 PIM:0 TOI:20:05

A very promising defenceman who brings a strong two way game. Played well on a bad team as a professional rookie. At 24 years old is not as young as the other rookies which would indicate he should be better. Had the best +/- on the team in the last 12 games.

Grade: B

Bryan Young
GP:15 G:0 A:0 PTS:0 +/-: -8 PIM:10 TOI:10:06

Went from playing Junior to ECHL to AHL and then finally to the NHL. At this rate he will be an allstar by next season. Kidding aside he has looked good in sheltered minutes but did get in over his head early on. Can absolutely devastate with open ice hits, but has 0 offensive ability.

Grade: C-

Daniel Tjanqvist
GP:37 G:3 A:12 PTS:15 +/-: +3 PIM:30 TOI:22:41

Played only limited action but was second in scoring from the backend even with playing 37 games. Only plus defenceman on our team but that can be attributed to being injured during the losing streak. Maybe our most consistent two-way defenceman this season.

Grade: B

Mathieu Roy
GP:16 G:2 A:0 PTS:2 +/-: -7 PIM:30 TOI:14:06

Looked good at times, not good others. Can rush the puck and play the body, but does neither overly well.

Grade: C

Danny Syvret
GP:16 G:0 A:1 PTS:1 +/-: -10 PIM:6 TOI:18:28

Shows puck poise in the offensive zone, but less in the defensive zone. Gets pushed around easily.

Grade: C-


Dwayne Roloson
GP:68 W:27 L:34 OT:6 SO:4 GAA:2.75 SV%:.909

In a worthless MVP debate Roloson has to be the front runner. Played good, and played often never really having a terrible stretch of hockey (considering the team in front of him). If we had him playing the entire last season like he did this season we would have been first. A solid goalie who gives your team a chance to win every night.

Grade: B+

Jussi Markkanen
GP:22 W:5 L:9 OT:1 SO:0 GAA:3.15 SV%:.886

Not very good stats for the guy who played unbelievable against the Canes last year. Would play a good game and then a bad game. His inconsistency prevents any questions of whether he is starter material. A dependable backup on a good team.

Grade: C+


Rory said...

Not bad, I think Reasoner deserved a little better, I would like to see him on the 3rd line next year, Pisani should have a C- or D+, the guy gets a big raise cause of playoffs and does not produce in the regular season and that is not acceptable, he did not have the mindset in the regular season that he did in the playoffs.

Jon G said...

See I would have given Reasoner better, but I just didnt notice him in enough games, as for Pisani, he was by far our best defensive forward. So even though he is overpaid we didnt take that into the playing factor

Anonymous said...

Torres,Lupul and Pisani are the offensive players that let us down this year! i would like to give Lupul another chance, but if the Oilers wanted to trade Torres AND pisani at the draft table for more players/picks, they have my blessing!

Josh said...

Pisani isn't an offensive player. Don't be fooled by his contract. He's a great two way player and hopefully a 20-20 guy who is clutch in the playoffs. But admittedly had a down year offensively, so did everyone not named smyth (even hemsky), so I still hold him in high regard.

Jon G said...

I think that you are giving Pisani credit saying that he is a 20-20 guy, I would assume that 30 points is his max

Josh said...

Pisani was almost a 20-20 guy when he got his contract (18g 19a), and that was his second year in the league. He had a down year this year like everyone. Pisani WILL be a 20-20 guy.

Josh said...

Second *full* year

Anonymous said...

Pisani is being paid too much for a 3rd line center. so if the Oilers traded him, they could use the money they save on a better scorer. Torres can go, and Lupul can have another chance! don't really care if Young, Syvret, Roy or Tjarnqvist or Hejda come back or not. or Jussi for that matter!