Which one of these things is not like the other?

The NHL released the list of referees that will be working the NHL playoffs this year. Now normally I would just put the link to the site, however, one of the other contributors thinks that it is better when things are “anchored” so you can see the full list of refs here. Anyways for those who will not click on the anchor here is the list of head referees working this years playoffs:


Paul Devorski
Eric Furlatt
Mike Hasenfratz
Dave Jackson
Marc Joannette
Don Koharski
Dennis LaRue
Mike Leggo
Dan Marouelli
Wes McCauley
Bill McCreary
Mick McGeough
Dan O'Halloran
Dan O'Rourke
Tim Peel
Kevin Pollock
Rob Shick
Kelly Sutherland
Don Van Massenhoven
Brad Watson

Now is there one name on that list that stands out? Maybe a certain Mick McGeough. It seems strange to me that of the 40 head refs that the NHL employs that Mr. McGeough was thought to have been in the top 20 this year.

Now yes, I believe that there should be a certain amount of forgiveness as decisions need to be made in split seconds. However, here are 4 videos to keep you entertained as per screw ups that McGeough has been a part of this year alone.

First, there was the Horcoff glove pass that can be viewed here. Now he is not even close to being in the correct position on the ice to make that call. Me thinks the linesman standing right there had a better view Mr. McGeough.

Second, is the first of 2 missed goals in the same game between the Blues and the Senators (viewed here). Now yes, the goal happens incredibly fast. However, this should have been reviewed because it was so close. The referees rushed the face off to get play back underway. Since the puck was dropped before the man upstairs had a chance to look at it there was no goal and it could not be reviewed.

Third, (viewed here) good ole Micky gets a little whistle happy and blows down a scoring chance very quickly. Resulting in the second goal called back from St. Louis. However, on the plus side we get to see another “spastic” display of over reaction.

Fourth, (viewed here) happened between the two “goals” but it is agonizing to watch how long it took to sort out some penalties and the fact the referees “needed” to give the Blues a powerplay, so Dany Heatley gets a minor penalty for getting pushed by Barret Jackman. Crazy how that works.

Well to sum it up I think that the NHL has made a grievous error in picking Mick McGoof to be doing any playoff games. The four videos give proof as to how stupid the pick is.

Maybe the NHL gives referees a chance to work the playoffs in the same manner as the dodge ball association sees if teams that have forfeited can play (viewed here). If so all I can say is: Fuck you Chuck Norris. NHL prepare to be humiliated on cable television.


Josh said...

Joanette is a tool as well. But hopefully McGeough screws the teams I don't pick to make it far.

Rory said...

Haha no Kerry Fraser, Mick is in cause he is a dinosaur and apparently that automatically gives him playoff games, funny cause Fraser has been in the league a very long time, there is no way they could have based this on his performance, I'm sure he had excellent games but he actually did cost some teams 2 points, that very very rarely happens in any game, no matter what fans or players say!

Anonymous said...

Mick McGoof is a bad ref, who is past his prime, but the powers that be continue to try to convince everyone he still has it! wiat till he screws up in the playoffs, then we can all say "i told you so"!