The MacBlender

This is Tom Dickson founder of Blendtec. He starts each of his 1 minute spots on youtube with the catch phrase “Will it blend? That is the question.”

Now I have to believe that all of Oilville would agree that Craig MacTavish has done a great job this year getting this team to where it is right now. Through the year, we have seen exponential improvement in aspects of his coaching, especially the development of young players. However, the one aspect of MacT’s coaching that has annoyed me over the past two seasons is constant rearranging of line combinations in the MacBlender.

Like Dickson, MacT at times over the past two seasons seems to put everyone’s name bar into a blender hit speed 3 for a couple seconds and then pull them out. The most recent example of this is the rotating Ales Hemsky and Marc Pouliot on the “top” line. I know that MacT was trying to get Hemmer out of his even strength slump, but replacing Stoll and Penner with Pisani and Reasoner is not how to do it. Taking Hemsky away from the more skill players does not complement his skill set. To be successful Hemsky needs to play with the more offensive minded players. As well, I am sure that some will say that MacT was giving Pouliot a chance to prove himself. But, misusing him is not going to give him a chance. Pouliot is a checker, he is not going to be a sniper or a playmaker, the Oilers drafted him because he was a leader riding on the coat-tails of Sid the Kid. So why set him up for failure playing him in a skill position when that is not or more appropriately will not his game in the NHL?

Now granted that line ups do have to be shuffled every now and again. But, look at what Robert Nilsson has been able to do with regular and consistent line mates instead of being in and out of the line up and playing with different skaters each night.

I think that this year has seen a vast improvement over last in MacT’s coaching ability. I just hope that some aspects continue to change


Josh said...

I can't figure out MacTavish's reasoning behind Hemsky's linemates. Jumping between Stoll and Penner then Reasoner and Pisani.

I have to disagree though on Pouliot. I think it is giving him a shot, but it may be too late. The thing is, is that Pouliot is a play maker, was drafted as one, and will need to become a checker to find an NHL job.

He went 32-41-73 in 65gp on the worst team in the 'Q'. And that is without Crosby whom Rimouski drafted #1 overall after that year. Pouliot did spend the next two season riding Crosby's coatails granted, but not until after he was drafted.

Pouliot was drafted because he put up good numbers with no help. But its been 5 years since then and clearly he needs to find himself a new niche.

Rory said...

Pouliot has a long ways before he is tough enough to be a good checker in the NHL, next year if he can step up for a regular roster spot playing with someone like Stortini or Brodziak (or both), maybe Glencross would be great for him, but is he willing to take this type of roll with the Oilers, if not maybe Colombus should take him to play with Peca.

And what about this Rob Schremp that we drafted a few years ago? He gonna get a ride in the MacT Blender? Will Schremp blend?