Pronger Stomp

So Pronger visibly stomps on Kesler and the NHL does not suspend him. While earlier in the year Simon does the exact same thing and gets 30 games. The only difference is that Ruutu went down like he had been shot and Kesler got up and skated away. Well that and Simon is a plugger and Pronger is a consistent Norris Trophy candidate. When you look at it Pronger is one of the most suspended players in NHL history. However, it seems that when a star does something wrong the NHL looks the other way. Or at least in this case that is what it seems like.


Rory said...

They finally decided to suspend him. But it was not enough games and it was only done because the league took a lot of crap for not doing it. If it was a guy like Stortini the league would have given him 10-15 for his FIRST NHL suspension, but Pronger should receive more because of previous suspensions, the league is pretty much telling superstars they can get away with more than other players because they draw in the crowds and make more money for them, this does have the potential to lead to some serious infractions.

Josh said...

I think part of it was the less conclusive evidence regarding his intention. With Simon he clearly stomped his foot. With Pronger there is a small window of doubt because he was struggling to get his leg free.

I'm in agreement that it deserved a suspension and a more severe one because Pronger is one of the most suspended people in hockey.

That elbow on McAmmond in the playoffs was ridiculous and should have gotten him a longer suspension. He's been dodging tough punishment his whole career.